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Re: Olympus Colour Accuracy -2 images

Pimpleportrait wrote:

As I have mentioned, my buffalo photos are not a good comparison as they were shot in different locations with very different lighting conditions. I posted these just to see what other preferred in colour.

I sometimes do that too. I like Olympus color. Works most of the time. Sometimes it's too warm, but you can always tone it down by -1 saturation in Super Control Panel. I think some would say use Muted Color instead of Natural, but I think Natural works most of the time.

As you say, the way the colours come out can be a personal thing, but I don't think I will be saying "it's my personal preference" if the reds look purplish and the whites a tobacco stained white. I like to get things "Right" , meaning representative of what I really saw, although what I really saw may be hard to determine.

Yes, color accuracy very important to me also. Is your monitor tuned though? If it's not tuned to accurate color, all your PP work is wasted when you thought you got it right. I learned from hard experience.

There are many people who don't care about accurate color, so I didn't want to assume.... But your photos have qualities, so you can always reprocess them later. I do that to my favorite photos a lot. That's the advantage of RAW.

Yes, for the Olympus Buffalo, I made adjustments not only with the temperature but also tweaked the tint. I have yet to try out this grey card thing but not with my back turned towards any beast.

Huh? You should hold the gray card toward your subject. Preferably the same light that's shined on the subject, but I wouldn't tell the buffalo to hold the gray card for me.

For post production, I sometimes just use Hue Saturation although the Channel Mixer can be much more subtle. I am keeping my WB on both cameras at Auto as I have often forgotten to make the switch back and have stuffed up some photos as a result. PP seems to work well. Only last week I forgot to change back my Iso from 800 to 200 and blew out a few of my images.

Most of the time AWB should be fine. I only suggested the most accurate method. If I didn't use a gray card, I use AWB also, then if there is a problem, I choose the specific mode.

Thanks again for your effort in your detailed feedback. I really appreciate this and shall be bookmarking your reply as my reference.

No problem. You can also message me. Sharing tips like this is a great way to learn from each other.

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