Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

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Re: Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

Both Rolls-Royce and Bentley went bust catering to the 'let's do it like we always did' (i.e. 'rangefinder') customer - whilst competitors left them behind technologically.

VW and BMW bought the rights and now produce modern versions of these brands. Historians may bemoan the passing of an era - but both brands now compete equally on the luxury car scene ... often trouncing competitors on both price and luxury.

BMW also revived the Mini brand name - again, nothing like it's forebear - but with similar ethos, re-engineered for the 21st century - still a bargain too (at modern day prices).

Do Leica have to remain in the Dark Ages - selling over-priced products - largely to the vain collector, in order to remain true to it's roots? Leica were once the innovators, now they are rapidly being viewed by the wider photo-community as a bit of a joke.

PeterLeyssens wrote:
Hi Theo,

Theo Peters wrote:

My thoughts about Leica, they should develop a cheaper body like What Soney is doing with Nex 7 and maybe further Nex8-9 etc.

They should. Just as much as Rolls Royce should make a small city car, like the Toyota Aigo. Maybe you are just looking at the wrong brand. If you like the Sony (sic), then buy a Sony. You can use your Leica lenses on it with a convertor. If you want a full rangefinder, be prepared to pay premium. Remember that doing anything mechanically these days comes at a premium: the cheap way is to build in a chip and do it in software. And a rangefinder is a very fine mechanic indeed, so hence the very high price.

The M-M price also reflects the small market Leica anticipates for a B&W only camera, obviously.


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