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Not boring at all


Thanks for your input. Your journey has not been the same as mine but the effects are very similar.

I enjoyed your insights about the plateau of development as I have posted on a similar vein but with different words.

Once in slr days I would have liked a great camera kit but could not afford it. Digital has made it more affordable somehow, I don't feel any more wealthy but have found the money to keep up with technological change.

Changing and upgrading digital cameras has become a way of life until the internet is full of those agog over the next new product. However in reality the one that is in your hand is generally good enough to get the images that will satisfy yourself and the circle of people who will bother to look at them.

The world is now full of people with cameras clicking away and we all know that 99.9% will be scanned briefly and then passed over. They are going to be no more lasting than the handful of images you can find that have survived of grandfather and grandma.

So are we kidding ourself that anyone will care to sit for hours and wade through our collection of snaps on our hard drive? Or worse, spend forever watching our amateur videos. Special occasion only perhaps but we lead such busy lives these days that everything is reduced to sound or image bites that once quickly digested require to be topped up by even more current images.

So I agree that we are probably at the "good enough" stage and although digital cameras will progress until the world is saturated with them there is a limit to how much we can absorb before we cry "enough".

Meanwhile, (grin), have you tried the GXR with A12 mount? With adapters you can have a lot of fun with old RF and slr lenses. Cheap thrills where mastering the equipment is the interest and not the images. The images just happen to fall out of the camera and are not as much fun as the process of learning the skills to actually take them .... when cameras become good enough to produce endless fine images without hardly any thought at all then I have found that going back to thinking is actually very satisfying - the images? Well I just lose them on my hard drive, I guess someone might find them one day and start a chamber of horrors (images) ....

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