I've been told a lie! To hell with "proper" technique!

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There are two main streams of "attitude" at play ....

Russell Denney wrote:


I learned from this exercise that technical perfection is NOT what makes a good photograph--far from it! I also feel that, if you want real good feedback, DON'T ask a photographer as they are going to lean towards technical perfection because they have been "educated"--more like brain washed--as to what makes a good photo.

This (or actually these) camera fora by far have a preponderance of gear-heads - generally by their own admission. Unfortunately gear-heads generally make poor photographers.

They replace artistic vision and creativity with technical expertise, because that's all they're really capable of bringing to the table. Many of the photographs reproduced here are dripping with technical excellence but little else. We have come to confuse sharpness, smooth bokeh and shallow DOF (to isolate a subject) with true photographic talent. Sharpness, bokeh and DOF are products of the gear, you see. So yes, sadly, you will see very few truly great images here, but you will see many technically excellent pictures. For great images visit some of the more artistic sites. (Google is a great tool).

I've also found that Camera/Photography clubs also tend to concentrate on the technical aspects of photography, although not to the same extent as a forum such as this.

All of this is written with the rider that (imho) to produce consistently good (read artistic) images, consistently, requires quite a deal of technical knowledge about the gear you're using. Otherwise the artistic images produced would be little more than lucky accidents.

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