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Re: Good insights

jrtrent wrote:


R we missing the point here?

Joel mentioned that if some one posts a picture, hardly anybody makes an effort to comment.

I didn't think I missed the point. My post above was an attempt to address that specific issue and provide a possible reason why people don't have much to say about a post that includes just a picture with no commentary/questions about how the hardware in use affected its capture.

I agree, there are many more picture takers than picture viewers. Getting the click on the image is the point. I think there are those who post on every subject (such as myself - slap) and those who browse both words and images (lurk) and never post on anything unless they see it as particularly important.

I have a substantial gallery on Flickr, I guess it represents my better published work but I have half a dozen comments over many years. Flickr is a no-nonsense gallery image site. So on a post versus hit rate the dpreview forum fares much better even though I too see it as a show for technical purposes forum rather than display and preen with best-work only.

Most photograph threads start here by announcing the lens that is being used. The poster wants to show what he or she has achieved using a particular lens or camera. So I might suggest that they are demonstrating a particular lenses capability more than showing their own work specifically. Surely after you have fouund the best camera (GXR-M) then you simply wish to put the best lens for the purpose on it.

I took a good series of lenses on a trip recently more as a voyage of lens discovery myself than because I liked the baggage. I have posted some up here to show what an average sort of user can get from a variety of lenses on the GXR with A12 mount. So if they are average then they are averagely consistent. Perhaps you don't need such great expensive lenses after all - just a great photographer wielding the camera? (grin)

I will have to make sure I get one up from the GR 28mm f2.8, if only because it is fairly rare in the field of Voigtlanders and Zeiss incomparables.

Lest I seem biased I do have two Voigtlander RF lenses myself (grin).

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