Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: Sell it

JSTB wrote:

I have sold the D700, but I told the person who is a friend of mine he can't have until I get the D800. Honestly I keep chewing this one over. I love the 35mm F1.4 lens but I just never use it since I got the X Pro. Silly as it sounds the X Pro has me excited about photography. I guess some people find it frustrating. I really find it liberating.

I agree.

The JPEG's are fantastic. I use to dread having to do the post stuff. Now it's a breeze. I going to give it another month, but I could easily see myself just having the X Pro as it appears my D800 order won't ship for a while. I haven't once wanted to use the Nikon since I got it. I just don't find it to be a hard camera to use at all. The lenses for this camera are really good. I'm really leaning towards just going with the Fuji. I think the RAW support will get there.

Yep. And it will give you a 16bit file, which is preferable if you want to do something more radical with the processing.

My reasons for preferring use of the Fuji over my D700 are manifold but they include handling and weight as well as the nice JPEGs and amazing high ISO performance. But there are still a few situations where AF needs very careful checking.

However I am getting far sharper shots overall, just that AF gets confused in some situations that the D700 breezed through.

D700 is just gathering dust at the moment though.

But I would like RAW support for those shots that I know are going to need pushing. It's good to have options. Still, I am used to Silkypix so I will give it another go.

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