Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: To be clear - this is not about raw support

Well, the issue for the author was also about Fuji support and their claims of quality. The problem is these are based on a dearth of tools available to compare and a disparate parity btwn the ones that are, such as beta versions and his software that in his words uses "one tenth" the memory of a desktop.

The author didn't imply it's impossible to get sharp images from the unique array, but rather, quite difficult writing for it thus far. This is not surprising for new tech and a new approach. What we can judge is the quality of the Jpegs, as they need no special software to interpret and adjust. Based on the Jpegs, I can't doubt that XP1 will not meet it's claims. If it doesn't, it's not gonna make those images look worse, and if it is proven to, they won't look any better.

These are very smart people in a very niche industry. They will figure it out. And certainly Adobe and all the majors will support Raw at some point. It's a new filter, it's not new science. I'm not sure about the author, but the Jpegs look incredibly sharp to me incredibly often.

The issue is not raw support. Its the ability to convert the non-uniform color array into good data. Its about non-uniform interpolation.

This is not simply about whether raw support is available. This is about getting sharp images from non-uniformly distributed data.

Reading the article should be quite informative

mbaginy wrote:

...to inquire, if they knew when Adobe had planned to release raw support for ACR (Adobe Camera Raw). I also mentioned, that it would be highly appreciated if Fujifilm would adopt DNG as their raw format.

A Fujifilm employee quickly replied explaining that Adobe had received all necessary information before X-Pro 1 product release and they were not aware of Adobe's schedules. Of course no mention was made, how early before release, the information, camera and lenses had been presented - or if any last-minute changes had been added to the software. Such changes are often done. Also, no comment concerning DNG instead of proprietary raw format.

So between Fujifilm and Adobe, it seems to be a game of pointing fingers. None the less, we'll have to wait. Raw support for the X-Pro 1 will eventually be issued for ACR (thus for LR4). Until then, I'll shoot both jpeg and raw; import jpeg to LR4 and store the raws.

I suggest interested photographers voice displeasure by writing both Fujifilm and Adobe. DPR is okay for voicing opinions but writing the companies involved directly is more forceful.

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