What's A57 advantages over A65?

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Re: What about flash exposure?

konradsa wrote:

and all others are probably best served with A57

I'm not sure how an A57 best serves me when the A65 is the same body size while including a much better viewfinder, higher resolution sensor, and GPS. I'm no professional, but I can appreciate the advantages of all 3. So, "best served by A57?" I'm not seeing it.

while saving some money.

They're almost the same price in some countries. The difference is $200 in the US, but over 4 years, that's only $50/yr difference, mostly inconsequential for what would be my primary camera.

I'm still considering both cameras myself. The exposure issues concern me though, and it's too early in the A57 lifetime to come to any conclusions about its exposure. I like that Sony offers the choice. I wish they had at least added AF micro adjust to the A65 so that I know I could get sharper focus for that 24 MP sensor as A77 can get.

The large size of the A77 turns me off, and at $700 more than the A57, I start to feel the pain in the wallet a little.

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