D800 - 1st question and first impression

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D800 - 1st question and first impression

After Canon 50d and nex5n ... here i am - a nikon guy.

So, my 1st question (just to be sure) - the first images i took were named something like DSC_7146. First i thought that i bought some refurbished camera with 7000 shutter actuation. then i verified with irfanview and myshuttercount.com and the "total pictures" in EXIF was 7 (corresponding to tests i made in the store). Nikon does not start its file numbering with "0000" ?

First - very few - impressions (because it is very late after a very busy day) :

1. Poor ergonomic comparing to 50d (the small grip cramped my hand after 1 hour of playing). The metering button is very hard to rotate (maybe will loose in time?). Glad that i could configure the camera that way that i am not forced to keep pressed a button AND rotate the dials the same time (i configured them canon style - a big deal for me)

2. Poor image quality (now i am joking - you could push the zoom button on and on and on and on and.... - the details are still there). The WB seems OK (i choosed the AUTO warm one). I'll see the DR tomorrow.

3. Live view is OK for me for manual focusing (i did not see the pixelation issue some are referred, but when you zoom at maximum in play mode the image is not OK)

4. No AF or viewfinder problem for me till now. Tomorrow, with my friend Mr Gitzo we will investigate this in depth.

5. My Intel Core Duo 6 years old laptop could still handle the 40M NEFs with no more than 20% delay comparing to NEX-5n files for basic adjustments. After a 70-200 (in a month or 2) a new PC will be the move.

Glad to be here, good night.

Please forgive my grammar but if you find it inconceivable address me in romanian.

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