D800E AF saga

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munro harrap
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Re: D800E AF saga

My first D800 could not accurately focus anything, had no face recognition at all, and using adjustments did not solve the problem. It could not AF a 14-24 at f8.

I demanded and got a replacement, but then returned the 14-24 as only on a tripod using live view could the machine focus the lens, and the one I had certainly did not obey any depth of field scales known to man.

A lot of these things are a waste of money as purchased, and should be thrown back at a manufacturer who makes no attempt whatever to assure quality- look at the bad way these expensive delicate items are packed. The D800 has about the same level of protection as a takeaway pizza- that box provides zero shock and or other protection. Lenses ditto. They are all so stupid- canon the same, all bad.

Even if it was OK when it left the factory, it's not OK now.......

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