Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

Big Thread .... anyone noticed this issue is referencing one guy? The developer of PhotoRaw - who is effectively invoking a 'get out of jail' clause in his product.

That's been conflated into a "Fuji is crap at making sensors/too mean to share technology with others" argument .... when it actually provides it's own software for RAW conversions. OK - it is possible Silkypix is crap, but the real issue is that everyone now demands instant gratification.

Over the last few years, RAW support has been slow, or non-existent, for many cameras, for considerably lengthy periods of time after release ....

A mark of how in vogue the XPro-1 is ....

liquid stereo wrote:

One has to wonder what Fuji is doing by not providing guidance — if not the exact algorithms/techniques — on how to process the raw files.

I hope they provide Apple with the algorithm as I don't imagine the Aperture team trying to figure this out.


So my conclusion, sorry to say, is that the Fuji X-Pro1 X-Trans sensor doesn't deliver what Fuji promises. In fact, it underperforms similar DX sensored cameras.

This is not to say that the Fuji X-Pro1 is a bad camera - far from it - the camera has great lenses, a really attractive viewfinder and design, and in many ways the sensor is great, with low noise and clean data, in the class of the recent Sony and Nikon sensors. It just would have been a better camera with a conventional two-by-two sensor layout.

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