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First time for ages I have looked at this forum and was quite surprised as to how slow it has become. I was a regular contributer to the Casio forum as I too had (still have) a Casio Z750. We had some amazing discussions and as stated earlier, people coming up with new 'scene stttings/modes', re-programming etc etc and offering excellent advice and getting the most of the 'Zed' range of cameras.

I went to a Fuji F70EXR to improve my reach and enjoyed messing around with the EXR settings and again their were plenty of contributers sharing their experiences.

I then went down the Pentax dSLR K-R route and bought a load of old lenses taking pictures of the moon and helping friends at various weddings/christenings and the like. Then I moved to the Sony NEX-5 as I wanted the same quality as my K-R but not the bulk and then bought an adaptor to fix my Pentax lenses to it. Reliving my manual focus/exposure days with my first 35mm SLR.

On eBay I bought a CX1 very cheaply and 'discovered' what a great 'photographic' tool it is to use. I sold it and with proceeds upgraded to a CX5 for no more money! I then realised that here in the UK eBayers don't appreciate Ricoh cameras such that I have now bought a 2 month old CX6 that someone advertised as a Richo C6 and I paid £75! With it's fantastic LCD and at long last manual controls I have my most favorite compact camera to date. At A4 size (which is as large as my printer will print and my wife will allow me to put on a wall!) it provides enough quality for me.

So with my four cameras I have one for any occasion. My Casio Z750 is with me all the time. My Ricoh CX6 clipped around my waist on day trips when I don't want to be bogged down with weighty equipment. My NEX 5 for holidays and travelling. The Pentax K-R for 'serious' ocassions and when I think I have to be abit more 'professional.

The point of my post is perhaps to ask you guys now we've gone through the megapixel race, we all experimented to death with many cameras over the years since digital hit the scene and maybe we have got all the features we need or could wish for and with such a wide range of equipment out there that there is very little to add or say anymore. I believe we have reached a plateau. I personally don't have a wish list anymore. I craved a high resolution 3" LCD screen when I peered at a 1.5". I prayed for a ten times optical zoom when all I had was 2 times digital! I wanted 28mm wide angle when all I had was 38mm. I wanted 6 fps when all I had was one every 3 seconds. I needed optical image stabilisation and I wanted to be able to print larger than 6x4. Batteries that can last all day. Happy days!

So what else do we want. I'm contented but what about you? What do you want in the next 5 years or so?

Dave N! PS. Sorry if this bored anyone!

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