20mm f2.8D as lightweight D800 companion

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Re: 20mm f2.8D as lightweight D800 companion

Yes, I do shoot a lot of architecture.

Here's the 20/2.8 at 2.8. Note the distortion on the far sidewalk, not too far from the center, and the vignetting. Not so evident at this magnification is the soft dreamy quality of its IQ at this aperture.

I just wanted to point out some of its limitations. I do carry this lens as part of my travel kit because it is small and there are not a lot of wide angle FX lenses for Nikon. If I have the choice, though, I will use my 28mm ais.

sfnikon wrote:

scrane wrote:

I have the 28/2.8 ais that i use on a d700. Wide open the lens is pretty much useless with a great deal of mustache distortion, severe vignetting and poor sharpness overall and especially in the corners. Sharpness, vignetting, and corners improve as the lens is stoppd down so that by f5.6-8 the overall performance is acceptable, but not great. Mustache distortion remains constant and is probably the worst thing about the lens.
Performance is better close up than at infinity.
In its favor, it is very small and lightweight.

You must shoot lots of architecture. I personally haven't notice much distortion and just looked up some reviews. Photozone normal amount of barrel distortion for a 20mm lens and said 'small amount' of mustache. Lenstip noted the barrel but no mention of mustache.

At f/5.6 the central zone resolution is excellent but the extreme corners may never become tack sharp by D800E standards. But then again I think very few lenses will.

No it is not a Zeiss 21/2.8 replacement but it's so much smaller, lighter and cheaper.

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