NEX-7 firmware bugs and possible improvements for updates

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AF/MF Hold Bug

I have the camera set as following:

AF/MF Control to "Hold" in the Setting menu
Autofocus Area to "Flexible Spot" in the Camera menu
AF/MF Select to "Manual Focus" in the Camera menu
Grid Line to "Diag. + Square Grid" in the Setting menu

The way I use the camera is that I keep the spot focus in the center and hold down the AF/MF button to lock focus, recompose and shoot. I prefer spot focus over center focus because spot focus is more precise. I use the Grid because there is no mark on the display marking the center of the screen when in manual focus mode. The grid solves the problem by marking the center of the screen so I know where precisely to point my camera before I hold down the AF/MF button to autofocus.

The problem is that whenever I restart the camera, the spot focus location shifts to the left and wil not stay in the center of the display where the diagonal/square grid meets. The bug is that the spot focus point does not default to the center, it's defaulted slightly right which is a big annoyance.

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