Dumb question.. lens for D800

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Re: Dumb question.. lens for D800

A longer lens with the same aperture will allow for more subject isolation, it will also generally have less distortion, although that can be corrected in post, and a center crop will have less distortion than the full frame. Not to mention the fact that each lens will have it's own specific optical characteristics and rendering.

However, cropping an image will result in not only less resolution, but less total DR, less high ISO performance for a given print size, less possible subject isolation even relative to using the same lens and filling the frame since you'd be farther from the subject... someone else can probably think of even more reasons not to do it.

As with any other aspect of image quality, such as exposure, white balance and focus, why wouldn't you want to get your framing as close to what you want in the final image as possible in camera? I'd always want to have highest quality to work with when editing, and that would mean trying to fill the frame with the composition I want in camera.

I really try to avoid cropping altogether, the exceptions being when I'm focal length limited and want a tighter shot on say, a bird in flight, than my lens would allow me to capture. When there's something distracting in the frame I want to get rid of, or when I'm printing at an aspect ratio other than 3:2.

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