9, 11, 21 or 51? How to decide?

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Re: Have you seen these Nikon professional guides?

Well, mind if I start with the obvious first?

If I've acquired the wrong target, I'll lift a finger off the shutter (Or thumb off the AF-ON button) and reacquire.

The AF system really knows very little. If both targets are identical in contrast and color, then it only assumes distance to the subject and is not smart enough to know what you intend or predict where you might go next. Again, the center point of the array is the primary sight. If this is not solidly on your subject, you can hope the perimeter points will maintain focus tracking. Otherwise, it's lift and reacquire time. Which can all happen in a second or less.

Side note: If you are not already, try using the AF-ON button solely for focusing. Most sports shooters do this as it allows us to relax our shutter finger and punch away at the shutter button at-will while the AF system is continuously activated via the AF-ON button.

corneaboy wrote:

Thanks again 2wheel for your comments and minibio. My second guess would have been something like that. I certainly agree about Nikons use of Release. I would rather have one good picture than a hundred fuzzy ones.

I was aware of the contribution of Lock-On and sortof figured that out on my own. What I would still like to understand is the following.

Suppose I am trying to shoot two birds together in flight, one(call L) slightly leading the other(call B). I want L to be my focus target. I'm in C mode with 21 points (which I wouldn't do now but bear with me) and zero lockon. My first shot is a perfect align on L and I get the shot and keep tracking. I'm sloppy at tracking and my second shot is aligned on B, however, L is within the 21 points. How does camera know whether:
1. I am a lousy tracker and really want to shift back to L.
2. I misaligned on my first shot and really intended to focus on B

Then second question is the same only I mistakenly align and focus on B for the first shot and then correct myself and realign on L for the second shot. It seems the camera would send me back to B, which I didn't want.

Its the old thermos bottle jjoke. It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold: how does it know? (Don't bother answering that one )

I've gotten some good shots in the past with my D700 and now I wonder how I ever got them.

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