E1 vs E3 vs OM-D

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Re: That's the E-1 alright....

LOL yes, it had awfully slow electronics even by the standards of E-330. It's quite silly from Olympus to make a complete redesign of the body, as if there was something wrong with E-1 to begin with, other than needing an upgrade of the electronics. They missed an opportunity to make an incremental upgrade with 8MP sensor and faster everything, and it could've helped them.

I understand the E-1 nostalgia, I suffer from it occasionally, and my 5d is nowhere near as nice as a physical object, but once you get beyond the surface, it has a much bigger viewfinder, much better autofocus, it turns on instantly, clears the buffer instantly, and just works. It never froze on me, and E-1 did, as sorry as I am to admit it. Used to freeze completely every now and then, to the point where I had to remove the battery to reset it. One of the updates seems to have done it. It was a flawed jewel of a camera.

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