thanks nikon for screwing me out of work tonigh!!!!!!

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Re: Tough Love From the Forum

Luke Kaven wrote:

ozarktroutfisher wrote:

OK so I've read almost all of the replies on this thread so far. You've been given a decent dose of tough love and have responded w/o fail with the classic "it aint my fault" response. All of your "reasons" for failure are just excuses and are based purely on decisions you've made all along the way.

More or less...if you're going to be a pro, there are no excuses.

Large student loan, your fault. I worked my way through college, joined the National Guard, and paid every single penny myself. I graduated owing a total of $3500. Don't tell me you made wise decisions if you owe $1800 per month.

I don't know how old you are, but the cost of education has astronomically outstripped the increases in the cost of living, not to mention real wages. See last Sunday's NY Times headline. A generation is hobbled by student loan debt, and that is partly because in the last decade, a parade of predatory lenders has been ushered in. When I grew up, the government did things to help your education. Now they prey on you, or they enable others to prey on you.

It's not an easy message to tell an entire generation that it just isn't possible for them to have the education their parents had, even though they are in exactly the equivalent economic situation. Expect some blowback.

Ok fair enough. I'm 48 years old and have served as an Alumni Ambassador for my school by going to college fairs and working with HS kids heading to college and I know what it costs. No doubt it costs more now than it did in 1987 when I graduated but anyone can absolutely do it if they really want to. When I say I worked my way through school, I mean I worked. I had 2 jobs in the summer and literally did whatever I had to do to make it. I'm not alone in having to work and I'm sure several on this forum did as well. I was lucky in that I grew up on a farm and hard work was just what we all did.

I see young people come and go at the mill I contract to now. It's very demanding work and frankly most don't last the first week. Having said that a lot of older workers don't either, but the point is we're hiring 100% of the time because people are not willing to do what it takes to keep this job. They just don't want it badly enough.

This is in no way a reflection on Pete. I just firmly believe we all do what we really want to do and generally get out of life what we put into it and I'm sick of all the excuses that I constantly hear everyday. I'll shut up now.


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