Third party lens companies afriad of E-Mount?

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: E-mount lens designs are different, and new designs take time

Tough to go head to head with mighty Sony! But, Sony is only going to produce automated lenses and in the most popular sizes. The roadmap confirms this.

Most of us manual lens fans use quite old lenses retrieved from closets and attached with fairly bulky adapters. Many of the more modern designs still require adapters or are just too expensive (for most of us).

I could see a line of three to five really good little manual e-mount lenses that work specifically with the Nex sensors. Maybe a few long, wide, stabilized telephotos. A couple of .95s or so, a fisheye and so on.

These are niche markets, but seemingly more promising that yet another round of cheap Chinese designs.

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