S100 - Servo AF & Tracking AF?

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Re: S100 - Servo AF & Tracking AF?

gail wrote:

Justin K wrote:

This brings up a good point that I am trying to figure out and have asked around the forum. While it is obvious these types of cameras are not best for moving subjects, there will still be times it is what we have on us and need to use it.

For this, I too am trying to find out what the best combination of settings is.

As I replied in another thread, you're just going to have to experiment and see what works best for you in any given circumstance. In my experience, there is no one best combination of settings, though Continuous mode and/or Servo mode usually provide the "best" results if I plan it right.


I don't like AiAf, though some use it effectively when taking inside flash photos. The flash works ok with Continuous mode but slows quite a bit with Continous AF mode.

Main reason why flash in continuous AF is slow is because the system waits for the camera to lock focus on a subject in order to determine correct flash output for that distance.

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