A smaller senor better than APS-C on brighter lens ?

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Re: APS-C still the way to go ?

Well, if you want to compare new to used, you can find used NEX models, too. I actually think the 5n is pretty well priced; you get a lot of camera minus the viewfinder. And an Oly E-M5 is $1000 but you can pick up an outdated Oly body with kit lens for $250 !

I don't think last generation of NEX are as competitive as the newer NEX's. Until recently, there was still a measurable gap between IQ of NEX (esp M4/3) vs DSLR. I'm sure given a year or two in its current state, Canon/Nikon will seriously risk losing their enthusiast market to NEX-M4/3 if they don't differentiate itself quickly because NEX and M4/3 are starting to make conventional dslr look rather redundant to the consumers they attract - it appears that they are being kept afloat by the abundance of great lenses they've accumulated over the years.

What I am saying is that right now, if I had $700USD to spend, I would STILL buy a used DSLR (IE. T2i can be had for $300-$350 with kit lens) and a new S100 or XZ-1. It is the perfect combo for me instead of any one system such as T3i OR the newer NEX5N. I would not buy used NEX or M4/3 simply because I know they will end up making me buy more lenses (of limited scope) if I am ever going to be happy with them. And once you start collecting lens, their apparent advantage in body size and convenience quickly loses out. Sure I can carry a pancake around and call it pocketable and have a great lens at ONE focal point. But then one can argue I rather have my XZ-1, still smaller, for all the other focal points.

Now if the IQ of NEX5N was distinctively better than T2i, then there maybe a point. But at their current level, we are talking about splitting hairs. And even a dated t2i can beat most M4/3 in IQ and low-light performance. And when compared to NEX5N, usually the better lens will be the determining factor. Which comes to the main point: Good lenses are much easier (and better quality) to come by for Canon/Nikon than Sony. And if lenses makes a camera, then by default my dslr wins over any nascent interchangeable systems, at least for now. At least until their pricing starts to make sense against the plethora of dirt cheap dslr and lenses out there.

Now on the other hand, if camera is a hobby where $$ is not really an issue, I can easily see myself buying into the newer NEX5N or some of the more competitive M4/3 systems just because there is always an occasion where these camera will be a better fit. But sadly, most of my hobby dollar is invested in my other hobby - aquarium. So its a give or take in life. And for me personally, having dslr + XZ-1 is giving me the best of both world. In fact, XZ-1 is the camera that I take out most of the time now while my dslr only comes alive for those special occasions or when I need its video capabilities. And so far this combo has served me well. To each his own...

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