And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: Good insights


R we missing the point here?

Joel mentioned that if some one posts a picture, hardly anybody makes an effort to comment.

It was not about a tech forum, or a picture forum, it was about when someone spends time to upload and post a pic, we are too lazy to respond.


a) i don't see uploading as providing even a implicit claim on other readers to react

b) there are enough times, where one simply has nothing substantial to comment. - "nice" or even "lousy" is IMHO not worth posting, at least not at a hardware forum

c) i often don't fell qualified to criticise

d) while we see here sometimes stunning pics, there are enough of no special interest (apart for the poster) - so IMHO prior to posting one should do some thinking about why this one pic should be of interest for the forum - after all, this is not Facebook. BTW, it wouldn't hurt if the poster explains about the technical "why and hows" used, to help educate readers like me.

No offense meant...

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