I think we may see Panny's answer to the OM-D soon

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Re: Competition is a very good thing...

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No matter what they put inside it, once it doesn't have IBIS, it just won't make no sense when compared to Oly body.

I don't believe Panasonic will ever build a camera with IBIS. They've standardized on having IS on the lens instead of on the body and I think they'll keep it that way. Just like Nikon and Canon never released a DSLR with IBIS. They make much more money by charging for it through the lens.

Thankfully, Olympus are right there with an alternative solution... and if Panasonic see users choosing their bodies with IBIS a major deciding factor, then they will have to step up their game.

Never say never. Wasn't there a rumour recently that Panasonic were looking at IBIS for a future model?

I think an elephant is starting to intrude into the M4/3 room: the fork between OIS and IBIS, and the resulting impediment this creates to users building up a set of M4/3 lenses. It has to be at least noticeable to Panasonic that the "must-have" primes that define the high end of our format mostly lack OIS: 14mm, 20mm, 45mm, and upcoming 75mm.

I don't know if this will be perceived by Panasonic as a potential loss of sales, but as M4/3 matures, it seems to me that new users coming to the format will be presented with a choice of "buy a Panasonic body, get access to half the lenses... buy an Olympus body, get access to all the lenses". Leaving out the few percent of users who prefer no IS at all, this seems to me like a problem for Panasonic going forward.

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