9, 11, 21 or 51? How to decide?

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Re: Have you seen these Nikon professional guides?

Thanks for the links but, as usual, Nikon provides enough information to be dangerous. They do not outline the behavior of each array. Which makes it hard to understand how each behaves and, in-turn, does not help the end-user decide which is best for any given situation.

These guides always read as AF 101 and meant for a first-timer. (Which, anyone purchasing a D4 is not.) As a platform for learning, I suppose the guides do have their merit. But, spend a bit more time explaining the behavior of each setting.

As an example of what not to do, under Improving Camera Response, Custom Settings a1... They are suggesting a setting of "Release". Which, may be fine for the spray and pray crowd but, what do you want? A high frame rate with fewer keepers? Or more accurate AF tracking? If I were shooting, say the Olympics and HAD to get the shot, I may use this setting plus 11fps. But, you can also bet your money that I'd also have backup plan. Which might be a 2nd shooter with a D4 set to either "Focus+Release" or "Focus" to ensure that each exposure is likely to be in-focus.

FYI - Over 95% of the time I shoot with the latter settings and with the D4, my keeper rate is near 100%.

More food for thought... Just how does a1 work when setting a3 to "Off"? Or, with a3 set to "Off" and I'm shooting with a 500mm at f/2.8 with a razor thin DOF?

These things all need to be considered for each situation. Summarizing these settings in a generic form does not serve the user well.

Sorry for the mini rant.

bhD7000 wrote:

They discuss what AF settings you might want to use in certain situations and why.



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