Pentax 645D vs. Nikon D800E Video

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Re: Pentax 645D vs. Nikon D800E Video

Dave wrote:

One of the issues though I did have and I believe was mentioned by some here is two fold. They appeared to be making judgement of the quality of the files and comparisons of each's performance, based on the rear LCD screen. I hope that wasn't the case. No way a serious judment of file quality of comparison can be made this way.

While it was not filmed, after our last shoot at the cliff face, we went and reviewed the RAW files on a calibrated display, post processed several images, and basically pixel peeped the dickens out of the files. Our final analysis is based on what we found.

Secondly, I do hope they post their finding on each pair of images taken with both cameras after examining the RAW files carefully and performing some post processing on them. It is there they will most crtainly see differences..not only in possible overall or edge sharpness, but the way the files are handled by each camera and lens combo and the unique look of the respective files. This is what I was hoping to hear in a subsequent posting.

For a blog post about the shoot, which includes links to RAW file downloads, take a look here:

Thanks for checking the video out, we had a lot of fun shooting it!

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