NEX 7 firmware update?

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re: vote with your wallet...

For those who think no firmware updates are necessary:

In addition to lots and lots of other complaints (e.g., the video button), here are three more.

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1) The menus are wildly unbalanced, which makes for a poor user experience: "Shoot Mode," "Image Size," and "Brightness/Color" have about eight options each; "Playback" has only a few more; but "Setup" has about nine thousand options, making it extremely difficult to find the one you want.

2) The high-level menus (the six on-screen icons) are not mutually exclusive, even though mutual exclusivity is a crucial requirement in a hierarchical menu system for users to be able to find the right setting. For example, "Camera" can readily apply to EVERY OTHER MENU, because the whole freakin' device is a "camera." "Brightness/color" could easily be a part of "Setup." There are setup options for displaying images and video, and for recording images and video; yet there is a "Setup" menu and a "Playback" menu--instead of "Setup/Record" and "Setup/Playback" menus. "Setup" could easily include "Image size," yet there is a whole menu for "Image size."

The total disregard for mutual exclusivity of menus means that users have a much harder time than necessary finding the right option. For example, I can never remember under what menu to find "Format" for the memory card.

3) Frequently I will look for an option and find that it is grayed out, which brings up a message: "This option is disabled" or words to that effect. Meaningless. I want to know WHY it is disabled, and what I can do to enable it. Both bits of information could readily be included in the message: there's plenty of room on the LCD display, and one presumes that if the software says a menu item is disabled, the software must know why and can therefore explain why. But it doesn't. Infuriating.

Those are a few of the types of problems that firmware could remedy.
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