What's A57 advantages over A65?

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Re: What about flash exposure?

Hi all, both are good. Also good to the user at least and think of some point as follow:

For ppl who op for a65 (Maybe due to):

  • already used 16mp.

  • love a77

  • Need the 24mp resolution.

  • better cropping still retain denser pixel

  • used to LCD EVF before and like higher OLED.

  • Like RAW

For who op for a57 (maybe due to):

  • Better low light

  • cheaper (in some location)

  • love the old 16mp but need updated/bigger body

  • already have bigger 24mp and need smaller body with better low light for day to day use (A pro blogger who love a77 low ISO and get a57 for low light walk around shoot in jpeg)

  • newer model

  • More in Jpeg

I also think DPR sum the a65 review in the IQ session very well and actually give clear direction for who like RAW and who only into jpeg.


Conclusion(Pick from DPR):

The Sony SLT-A65's 24MP CMOS sensor, which is also used in the SLT-A77 and NEX 7, is currently the highest pixel-count APS-C size sensor available in any camera. In terms of pixel count the A65 is way ahead of the most direct competitors in its class such as the Nikon D5100, Canon EOS 600D/T3i or Pentax K-r. However, if you've read the image quality sections in this review you know by now that you have to shoot in raw mode in order to see the full potential of of the camera's 24 million pixels. If you are willing to put in the extra time and effort required for the conversion of your raw files then - certainly at low ISO settings - you'll be rewarded with results that are close to what we've seen from high-end full-frame cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Sony's own Alpha 900.

In the final analysis we're far from convinced that the sort of consumers at whom the A65 is aimed actually need 24 million pixels. Certainly if you're a habitual JPEG shooter, we suspect that for everyday photography you might be better served by the cleaner, significantly smaller files produced by the 16MP SLT-A35 and original A55.

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