D800 vs. 5DIII & D4 for Video

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D800 Video

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

jroyer wrote:

Thanks. Yes unfortunately I saw this review and experienced the output personally having tried all three camera. I LOVE my new D4 but was so disappointed with its video capabilities. I wonder if the softness can be fix by a fireware update?

If not I will have to keep my Canon 5D mkII for video!> > >

The fact that the D4 can produce sharp results in one of the crop modes seems to indicate that the issue can be corrected.

No, Gregg, it doesn't indicate that, at all. Sorry.

It simply indicates that it "can produce sharp results in one of the crop modes"

There are different binning and interpolation patterns used at different resolutions. Some are sharper than others.

The 3.5x decimation pattern (slight crop of D800 full frame down to 1080p) is the sharpest until you get up to around 5x.


It makes no sense that the D800 has much better video than the much more expensive D4.

It makes perfect sense. The D4 is a 4928 x 3280 camera. 1080p is 1920x1080 and 4928/1080 = 2.56. Integer and half multipliers don't work on that, so they take a 4800 pixel swath of that (which is where the the 35.0x19.7 FF mode comes from). But that would require 2.5x decimation, which doesn't really "work".

So, they'd likely decimate by 3.5x, the way the D800 does, which gets you 1371 pixels, then interpolate up 1.4x to 1920. Which means you've got about a stop better low light than D800, but only 71% of the resolution.

The D800 line skips, like the 5D Mk II did. I believe it uses one row out of three, which explains its inferior low light performance. Is that still decimating?

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