Just tried an E-M5 for the first time

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Re: It goes away

Just Having Fun wrote:

Marc wrote:

The lug straps. Arg. I had heard of people complaining about this but others said it was a non-issue. Well, After holding the camera for 5 minutes I had an imprint on my hand and found it very uncomfortable.

I hated that thing when I first got my E-m5. The first couple days I had a constant pain in my hand. Then, and I am not sure exactly when, I think I started holding the camera slightly differently. For some reason now it doesn't bother me.
It became a non-issue (but I can still see why it bothers people).

I was the same as you, when i first got it i had heard about the issue but assumed it wouldnt affect me, but it did feel uncomfortable. Then i put a strap on it and for whatever reason it completely stopped being an issue as the way the fingers go through the strap holds the lugs down and stops them getting in the way. I am loving the EM5 more and more as i play with it, which is a rare feeling to get. Usually once i buy something it stops being exciting quite quickly. I am glad i jumped in.

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