Latest on D800 LCD Greenish Cast?

Started May 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Friedman Junior Member • Posts: 46
Re: Green with envy

Thanks Reginald. Appreciate that.

But for other readers, alas this just addresses the D800 vs other cameras aspect. It is fair to say the other cameras are not perfectly accurate either, but they are much closer to what their computer files look like. The D800 delta from LCD to actual file is the issue.

I also note, which some people in one thread said that a bride looking at a wedding dress photo can see the greenish cast and of course gets quite unhappy. These days people are very used to looking at LCD screens and expecting something that looks pleasant. Many color studies have shown that people prefer neutral, then slightly blue, then warm casts. But greenish would get the worst reaction. So how the LCD screen looks is important to everyone, especially a pro. Still my main issue is LCD (greenish) vs actual computer files (neutral and great.)



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