Latest on D800 LCD Greenish Cast?

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Latest on D800 LCD Greenish Cast?


  • I've lost track of the threads on this and if there is a resolution now or coming?

D800 just arrived. Shot a few hundred photos. LCD display definitely a greenish cast, though more pronounced in artificial light than daylight.

  • Side by side comparisons with D3 always shows the D800 LCD has the greenish cast

  • Yes the D3 is a bit bluer than actual files, but much closer to the files and actual color.

  • Color can simply cannot be judged on the D800 screen at all, even though it can be on D3, D700 and D7000.

  • BUT, the actual D800 files on a computer (Preview or Photoshop) or even on an iPad look great. They do not have the greenish cast at all.

  • This is true for jpeg or raw viewed on the LCD or on computer. True for whether color space Adobe RGB or SRGB on the camera. True for all lighting conditions, though not as obvious in brightly lit daylight - but it's definitely there.

If anyone has a resolution or knows if Nikon has now accepted this and plans a firmware fix or recall, please let me know. If anyone had the problem, really saw it all the time (side by side on cameras and camera vs computer file comparisons), returned and got a new D800 and did not have the problem, please let me know.

Also appreciate anyone pointing me to a thread that answers those questions (threads I found end about May 2nd without resolution.)

Truly great camera in most ways, but I don't think its usable with the LCD color this far off from the actual files.



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