What's A57 advantages over A65?

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Re: What about flash exposure?

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That doesn't change the fact that A57 is a better deal than A65 for many people, especially if they are on tighter budget. Cameras come and go. A65 will be replaced by newer model by next year.

That is true but people shouldn't be deluded that overall the A57 is somehow "better" for less money. The way I see it it's 90% as good as the A65 for $200 less. I look at the A65 vs the A77 the same way with the A65 90% as good as the A77 and costs $500 less. For me among the 3 cameras the A65 is the best value. Others may feel differently.

Well put!

I've discussed A65 / A57 with friends who are impressed with the A77 but don't want to spend that much..

I tell that it's basically

  • 24 vs 16 MP which means Better High ISO vs Better Resolution

  • OLED Viewfinder vs Only slightly smaller but field sequential EVF

  • GPS vs no-GPS

  • 12fps @ 8MP, A65 maxes out at 10fps @ 24MP

  • One or two new software features like Auto-portrait/clear zoom..

It's very much impossible to pick a 'winner' when you have some healthy positives on both sides..

The thread title/purpose was slightly misplaced, since the A57 is not a successor to the A65, it's a different variant..

I don't see the a57 as a different variant of an a65 at all even though it shares the same body, in fact I see it as an upscale version of the 16mp sensor especially when an a37 arrives which will no doubt be a down-scale version of the 16mp sensor in the same manner that the a65 is a down-scale version of the 24mp sensor. I think the fact that the a65 shares the same body as the a57 says more about the down-scaling of the a65 rather than the up-scaling of the a57.

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