What's A57 advantages over A65?

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Re: What about flash exposure?

tbcass wrote:

That is true but people shouldn't be deluded that overall the A57 is somehow "better" for less money. The way I see it it's 90% as good as the A65 for $200 less. I look at the A65 vs the A77 the same way with the A65 90% as good as the A77 and costs $500 less. For me among the 3 cameras the A65 is the best value. Others may feel differently.

You are doing nothing here but showing your bias of the camera you own. You have been doing this for a while now since A57 was announced.

The difference between A77 vs A65 is much larger than A65 vs A57. It could be disputable whether A65 is worth 2 hundred dollars more. Some people like the 16 MP sensor, but there is no dispute that A77 is vastly superior camera than A65.

Some of the differences between A77 vs A65 (that's not a complete list). From RW Perk

Now according to you, all these differences between A77 vs A65 are not worth $300 more, but A65 is worth $200 more than A57

The A77 shutter is rated for a durability of 150K actuations, vs the 100K actuation rating on the A65 shutter.

More AF points (15 vs 19). Furthermore, 11 of those on the A77 are cross type compared to only 3 on the A65

Stronger AF illumination lamp (5m vs 7m)

A more flexible (wider range and stepping) exposure compensation

more flexible AE bracketing with up to 5 selectable frames

Faster maximum shutter speed (1/4000 sec vs 1/8000 sec)

Faster flash sync (1/250 sec. vs 1/160 sec.)

Stronger pop-up flash (12m vs 10m) and wider flash EV compensation

Faster continuous shooting speed (12 vs 10 fps) and larger buffer ( just 1 shot extra in ‘standard’ mode)

Adding an ‘Extra fine’ JPEG image quality mode

More Creative options

Environmentally sealed

Better build quality (magnesium alloy/plastic vs plastic)

The ability to customize the ISO upper and lower limit, with the a65 you can’t

2 control dials vs one on the A65

Ability to fine-tune the autofocus

A77 has a joystick controller

A77 has a top LCD panel

The A77 has a triple hinged articulating display versus double hinged on the A65

Flash sync socket

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