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Re: DMC-G1 + LGV 100-300mm Analysis, Diagnosis, and Recommendation

Anders W wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Note: I do indeed see more image-detail in your revised version - but also see a fair amount of "frog spawn" appearing in the OOF leaves in the lower part of the image-frame. I would either bring up the Luminance NR (very sparingly), and/or (perhaps) adjust "Detail" to Zero (0).

You are right. I can see the "frog spawn" too if I look closely. So I uploaded a new version with "Detail" reduced to zero (although it may be a while before it appears).

Well, this surely is an Adobe Sharpening tools "smoking gun". (According to your statement above): your "Masking" remains fixed at the very-high value of 25 (out of 100 full-scale); Luminance NR remains completely disabled (as much as the UI allows user, anyway); "Amount" remains fixed at 100%; "Radius" remains fixed at 1.0 pixel. The only "variable" is the "Detail" setting (25 > 0) ...

I made TIFs from your posted Versions 2 and (the presently posted ) version 3, and took the arithmetic difference (the absolute value of the subtraction of the two identical images). Then I adjusted the Brightness and Contrast until the artifacts (as well as differences in image-detail) were most visible to the eye. I then applied a High-Pass Sharpen using a Pixel-Radius equal to 0.5 pixel (so as not to distort your Adobe result derived from a 1.0 pixel-radius) with a Strength of 100% subtraction in the spatial-frequency high-pass filtering - which (presumably) results in a high-pass filter with S-plane "zeros" (roots of the numerators) at the 2-D spatial-frequencies equal to zero (0)

Have a look at the (oft described by people as) "grainy" sharpening artifacts in all of the OOF areas (which appear to be pretty much everywhere except for the body of the bird itself). Not pretty ...

It seems clear that it is imperative to use some amount of Luminance NR to attenuate the sharpening artifacts that result (even from the default "Detail" control-setting of 25 out of 100), which is exactly the same thing that I have found in using the LR 3.x Sharpening tools. Not good !

This is why I disable "Detail" completely when using LR-3.x/ACR-6.x. It seems (to me) pretty clear that the only way (with Adobe LR/ACR Sharpening tools) to obtain a perceptual sense of "image-detail" is to allow these unsightly artifacts to (also) appear in any OOF areas of the image-frame. I have found that where it comes to in-focus subject-matter such as foliage-detail, these artifacts pollute the image (including in-focus subject-matter) to an unacceptable degree. Your version 3 posted (to my eyes) is once again back to "soft". Time to explore some more viable alternatives ?

DM ...

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