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Re: Good insights

There used to be a posting rule that stated, "Unless it's discussion of a specific technique or setup please do not post "here's my latest picture / gallery" type posts in the camera specific forums, instead please use the Samples & Galleries forum."

That language is no longer used, though there remains the similar, if less helpful, "Please do not litter the hardware related forums with galleries - post them in the Samples and Galleries or photo technique forums instead."

I think that when it comes to posting pictures in a hardware forum, people will have more to comment on if the post includes the "specific technique or setup" type of information the posting rules used to ask for; for example, camera and lens settings, camera supports used, metering technique, bracketing, was post-processing required, other angles or focal lengths that didn't work as well, or anything else pertinent or unique to getting the result you are displaying. If it's an automated point-and-shoot shot, that's interesting to know, too, provided we can see the what options/settings the camera chose for itself. Maybe there's something a person doesn't like about the results they get in certain shooting conditions, and they're wondering how others may have solved the issue.

I think people come to a hardware forum to learn to get more from their equipment, or, if they're shopping, to see how the available features of different camera models might help them take better pictures than they could get with the equipment they have now. A picture displayed with no information about how it was achieved may be interesting to look at, but if it doesn't relate to how to use a particular Ricoh camera or feature, there doesn't seem to be much to comment about.

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