Photographic Reach: Nikon D800 vs Nikon D3200

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Re: Photographic Reach: Nikon D800 vs Nikon D4

Don89 wrote:

I am sold..! On the hunt for a one pixel camera...! lol

Now that's an interesting concept!

I mentioned that the D3200 has a "reach advantage" of about 26% over the D800. But, there is an even greater difference, of course, if you compare the 16mp FF Nikon D4 with the 36mp FF Nikon D800. In these circumstances, the Nikon D800 has a reach advantage over the Nikon D4 of about 50%.

I guess those who are buying full frame cameras take this factor into account as one of the many things that must be considered, but for some photographers the greater reach of the D800 over the D4, would probably be a selling point.


Comparison of pixel size and pixel density of a 36mp FF camera with a 16mp FF camera

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