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Re: 5D Mk3 Auto Focus advice

Feel free to try Full Auto Mode, or P mode, or TV mode shutter @ 1/125, more keeper, or even manual mode 1/125 f/4 and let the Auto ISO take care, and you just do your center-point re-composition

Antonstef wrote:

I am trying to work out the best use of the 5D3 AF system.

I am using the 24-105 lens at f4 to take head & shoulder shots of small grandchildren, in natural light. Although they are seated, they are not perfectly still during the process!

I am focusing the centre point on the near eye & avoiding recomposing after 1/2 shutter is achieved.

There inevitably is slight movement while I am waiting for the smile, before then completion of the shutter press. I thought that I could compensate for that by choosing the 8 adjacent points as well. I was hoping that as the eye moved a little to the right, the next point would pick the eye, as it was the central selection.

That didn't work, as it choose the nearest point of the body in that expanded block, which was the shoulder.

I then used the single point Spot AF on the eye - fantastic - so long as there wasn't the slightest movement between 1/2 pressure & taking the shot.
Of course there was often movement, so shot spoiled.
What should I do to ensure sharp, crisp shots every time ?

I haven't tried AI Focus, as I understand there would be a sort of 'shutter lag' in this situation - & the 'smile' would be lost.

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