I need to fill one hole in my lens lineup, fast and wide

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Re: I need to fill one hole in my lens lineup, fast and wide

Starshot wrote:

The 17-50 really seems to suit my needs
constant aperture, 2.8 and USM and IS (in Canon terms).

Note that the HSM on this lens is not the Ring USM type, so it doesn't give full-time manual focusing and the focusing ring moves when autofocusing. This, and the slightly disappointing close focusing compared to earlier models, are the main reasons why I haven't bought this lens to replace my old Sigma 18-50/2.8.

Can anyone tell me if there are drawbacks to buying 3rd party.. it makes me nervous

I have about a dozen lenses of which three are Sigma - all chosen because they fitted my particular needs. The 18-50 I mentioned above has been a great workhorse for me; the 150 macro is one of my favourite lenses; and the 30/1.4 isn't matched by any Canon lens.

Theoretically, compatibility with future bodies might not be 100% but there have been no problems for many years; and Canon lenses possibly hold their value slightly better.

If you want to look at it that way, there are drawbacks to buying Canon too - higher prices, and they don't supply a lens hood or a case with non-L lenses.

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