Goslings with the 100-300mm

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Re: Goslings with the 100-300mm

We learn through criticism. I'm happy to hear people's opinion unless it is:

1) Needlessly rude. Sarcasm is the appropriate response to these people.

2) Stupid. Unfortunately stupid people, almost by definition, don't know they are stupid, so the only possible response is politeness, painful though it may be.

3) Obvious they just don't "get" the photo. You'll not see me saying of people's street photography "What's the point of this photo?" I know I don't get it. One should not critique photos one is never going to like whatever the shooter does. I ignore people like that.

4) Designed to make some stupid point about which camera is better. Flamethrower on...

In the meantime I realise this link has been posted a lot recently, but there must still be people who haven't seen it, and it's a classic.


BungHole wrote:

I don't know why people always feel they have to critique photos that are posted. We spend time here and get to know other posters, so sometimes we just post photos to share a moment in our lives that we found special, some photos of an event that we liked. The photos don't have to be great or even good for that matter. Do we have to make this a place where people treat each other so poorly that they are disuaded from sharing with each other. If someone isn't asking for a critique, then just enjoy the photos and be kind. If they are not your cup of tea then just move along to the next thread.

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