Goslings with the 100-300mm

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Re: A word from your sponsor.......ENOUGH!

I used to look after the geese at prep school, when they were bigger than I was. As a result they don't scare me. Out on a motorbike run once, stopped at a pretty farm / camp site in Devon. When i tried to get to the farmhouse to pay/book in I found myself faced with a wall of hostile geese. We'll that's no problem to me, I just spread my owns wings and hissed them away, as I'd learned when a child.

Got to the farmhouse and the miserable old bat there ejected me for frightening her geese!

Bit nuts if you ask me - no one can get to her because the path is blocked by hissing geese, shoo the geese off and she gets the hump! Anyway, found an equally nice place just down the road.

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

jalywol wrote:

It was a real treat to see them at this age, too, which is why i thought it would be cool to share......

. . . Years ago when our kids were grade schoolers, we had them picnicing while we were traveling in the Adirondaks at a lake side park in Tupper Lake where there was a resident flock of Canadian geese. The two kids were running around the park playing when they decided it would be fun to chase the geese when we weren't looking and suddenly we heard them yelling at the top of their lungs for help because the entire flock was chasing them. It was a moment of terror for them but after it was over, my wife and I had a good laugh because it was quite a sight to see how fast those two were running for their lives with dozens of angry geese honking and hissing right on their heels.

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