D800 RAW vs JPEG

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Re: D800 RAW vs JPEG

With RAW the output depends not only on the program you use (Capture, Lightroom etc) but also on the profile. (LR also offers camera profiles)

I think the JPEGs from the D800 are very very good. But they do not have the possibility for post editing like RAWs do. D800 RAWs in Lightroom look good too, but not as good as in Capture NX.

I am going to shoot RAW + JPEG (M, Normal) on secondary card and delete all RAWs which are just snapshots in camera (the JPEGs stay on the card).

This will keep the memory consumption under control.

An alternative the the temporary "shoot RAW + JPG" switch on the Fn button, but I found out that I often forget to use it. It will be easier to just delete the snaps which are not worth 40MB when there is time.

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