X-Pro1 autofocus test

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Re: X-Pro1 autofocus test

dotyman wrote:

Fuji still hasn't solved many of the problems that have plagued the X100 so I have no confidence that they will solve the AF problems (and histogram problems, and video problems, and...) at all. I don't think Fuji even thinks the above are problems.

It's too bad, the X-cams could really be great cams. Unfortunately, it appears that Fuji is run by technically brilliant engineers and marketing MBAs, but not photographers.

Sometimes I feel exactly the same way, but on the other hand, Fuji is the only company making "the camera" that so many photographers actually want. Technically, my 5D is great and the 1D's are even better... despite their enormous size. The X100 and Xpro cameras on the other hand are more in tune with the type of camera I really enjoy shooting with. It's as if the concept for the Fuji cameras was straight from photographers and the initial designs were done by their best engineers. Then the marketers and finance department stepped in and screwed with a few things.

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