m4/3 or nex for compact kit

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Re: m4/3 or nex for compact kit

debo wrote:

I own a Pentax along with some very nice primes including the old limiteds. However I desire to have a single lens (maybe prime) light kit for travel etc (have a S95 but I am not happy with the low light pics).

Have been looking at

  • E-PL1 + 14mm prime (or add a P-K adapter and use my pentax primes)

  • NEX-3C + 16mm prime .... I understand that the NEX uses a APS-C and the sensor is much better for low light. But the E-PL has better JPEGs and is much cheaper (150 for body and 200ish for the prime vs 549 for the NEX)


  • how much am I compromising with the m4/3 sensor vs APSc in terms of dynamic range and high ISO?

Not much when compared to that particular NEX camera. About a stop and half I would say. However the IBIS system grants you about a stop gain so overall a loss of about half a stop.

  • how is the 14/2.5 compared to 16/2.8, optically (I know the latter is a little too wide for comfort)?

The 14mm prime is not bad but you will be better served with the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 lens. The beauty of a compact system camera is that you can purchase in future lens for it. Also in the long run camera bodies go but you can still use your lens.

  • if I use my Pentax primes, which one will focus better?

50-50 here. If you were talking about a NEX 5 or a NEX 7 I would say the NEXes as they have focus peaking. Without it just go for the one you like more in terms of ergonomics.


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