Anyone compared the 5D3 to the D800 yet, anyone?

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
ArabiaSandStorm Regular Member • Posts: 128
wow (24-1220 VR)!

I am offering all my Canon gear for sale, I'll just buy a D800 with this marvelous lens (24-1220 VR!!!)

I did not know that Nikon started hiring kids to do their trolling! This new...

Any moderators reading this????

tomboy wrote:

Can Canon produce such a clean sharp image at iso 6400 that looks like iso 200

What i seen so far from Canon photos not as sharp at iso 6400 ..WHY..because Canon but in strong AA filter to cover up the noise issue as well the images will not be as sharp ..i suppose in portaits its a good things however

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