Why did you pick the Pentax K5 over the Nikon D7000?

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I have both

hungryhippo wrote:

What was your reasoning?

I am between the two cameras. I'm sure you were at one point possibly.

Nikon has more lenses available which is the biggest concern for me. I don't like it's heavier and bigger though.

I have both. I have long been a Nikon shooter with the D80, D90 and currently the D7000. Recently I got a K5. That perhaps tells you something.

First of all, the Nikon is excellent. In all these years of shooting, the Nikons have performed superbly. Image quality, AF, ergonomics are all all excellent.

However, the D7000 is a tad larger and heavier than the D80/D90. With this, came a change. My system began to feel larger and heavier than I would like it to be. I also have some big glasses (17-55 f/2.8 amongst them). The bag began to feel large and heavy, so did the camera with the lens attached to it. Shooting wasn't the same joy anymore. I began to look for a lighter system. Explored mirrorless (OMD EM5), hated the EVF and ergonomics.

Enter the K5. Smaller than the D7000 (but perhaps the same weight). The camera fit my hands like a glove. I have long lusted after the limited DA primes. With a couple of DA primes (DA 15, DA 21, DA40 and DA70) I had a small lightweight kit. Shooting was fun again. Nikon does not have anything like the DA primes.

Now some pros and cons:

1. image quality is superb
2. ergonomics is excellent
3. lightweight kit
4. AS works very well

AF. Couple of issues with focus that drives me nuts:

1. With my DA15 the camera mis-focused in low light outdoors. When it uses the AF assist lamp, it gets it right. Most of the times, it thinks is has enough light, doesn't use the AF lamp, promptly locks focus (no hunting) and gets the focus wrong. My D7000 was bang on focus all the time, even in very dark places (I have thousands of images).

2. The focus points are not visible. This drives me nuts. The focus points are visible after I half press the shutter. I would like to know where the focus point is before I start focussing. Many times I will change the focus point and leave there and the next time I assume the focus point is the center and focus, only to find the focus point is somewhere else. With the D7000 the current focus point is always visible. Focus and recompose using center? Yes, but many times for critical focus you don't want to focus and recompose.

3. Less number of focus points. D7000 has 39. K5 has 11. With the D7000 I can always find an AF point to work with. With the K5, they are too far apart.

So there is no one system that is the best. They all have their pros and cons. Get one that suits you the most.

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