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Re: cross post: NEX vs EPL1

I> own a Pentax along with some very nice primes including the old limiteds. However I desire to have a single lens (maybe prime) light kit for travel etc (have a S95 but I am not happy with the low light pics).

Have been looking at
E-PL1 + 14mm prime (or add a P-K adapter and use my pentax primes)
NEX-3C + 16mm prime

If you don't like 24mm, you won't like the above NEX-3C lens/body, although that will be the better body long term to support superior DR and ISO. With focus peaking, it's likely a better vehicle for your primes, and your DA limiteds will have the same field of view. I once considered a NEX5N body for use only with my legacy lenses, but the new sensor in the EM5 has me believing that a future PEN will fit my high ISO wants.

The EPL1, as are the later PEN's, represents the weak 12MP sensor technology happily/grudgingly(?) provided by Panasonic to Olympus, except that Olympus did a better job of extracting images from it. The EPL1 should have a $160-$200 external viewfinder to manually focus primes and work in bright sunlight , although one can get by. Also a relatively slow focusing camera with original kit lens.

Limiting one self to one lens for a travel kit on the EPL1 is self-torture. Lenses like the 14mm, 20mm, 45mm , 9-18 zoom and 40-150 zoom are small and light. I haven't seen any small lenses for the NEX, aside from the 16mm, and maybe the Sigma 19mm and 30mm.

Finally, if I had a nicer Pentax body, and was travelling, I sure wouldn't leave it at home to carry a NEX with an 18-55 and their kit tele. I could bring an EPL1 as a spare though.

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