m4/3 or nex for compact kit

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Re: m4/3 or nex for compact kit

debo wrote:

I own a Pentax along with some very nice primes including the old limiteds. However I desire to have a single lens (maybe prime) light kit for travel etc (have a S95 but I am not happy with the low light pics).

Have been looking at

  • E-PL1 + 14mm prime (or add a P-K adapter and use my pentax primes)

  • NEX-3C + 16mm prime .... I understand that the NEX uses a APS-C and the sensor is much better for low light. But the E-PL has better JPEGs and is much cheaper (150 for body and 200ish for the prime vs 549 for the NEX)


  • how much am I compromising with the m4/3 sensor vs APSc in terms of dynamic range and high ISO?

  • how is the 14/2.5 compared to 16/2.8, optically (I know the latter is a little too wide for comfort)?

  • if I use my Pentax primes, which one will focus better?


I dunno, sounds like you want low-light performance of a DSLR at a cheap price, in a compact body. If you ever figure it out, you should start your own camera company. Seriously, I would just keep your Pentax and save the money and put up with extra weight as it will have the best low-light performance of the bunch at the cheapest price (free in your case). And use the S95 for all the other occasions.

But if you must (have the latest gadget), NEX 3C would be my pick even though you'd be paying dearly for it - and it STILL won't beat your Pentax, not with any conviction anyways, at least not with the nice primes you have.

My cousin bought into M4/3 for its size over dslr, claiming that he never carries the dslr around because of its size. For awhile he carries it everywhere but when the novelty wored off, I hardly see him carry M4/3 around either. He ended up spending more than he wanted to (2-3 times more) with assortment of pancake lens and zoom lenses he bought. But he hates carrying around assortment of lenses as it becomes as inconvenient as the dslr he avoids.

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