Panasonic GF2 vs GF3

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Re: Panasonic GF2 vs GF3

jalywol wrote:

GF3 has better JPG colors and slightly better high ISO performance. Also, GF3 sits in the hand better (I have one, and really enjoy using it; the GF2 was never as comfortable in hand for me when I tried them both in store).

I agree with about the colors. I just picked up a GF3, and I've had the GF2 in the past, and the colors are definitely richer with the GF3. With the GF2, as you go up the ISO scale the colors get washed out. Also the GF3 seems to have better high ISO performance. Also prefer the feel in the hand much better as the grip is larger, and there is a more pronounced place for your thumb. But the GF2 does have the command dial there where your thumb rests which the GF3 does not have.

I actually think the JPG colors on the GF3 are the best than Panasonic has ever done. They are very pleasing and require considerably less post processing than any of their other cameras. No, they are not Oly colors, but they are really quite good.

Totally agree. They are at least as good if not better than the GX1, but this is only an initial first impression. I only just got the GF3 today.

HOWEVER. If you plan on attaching an external flash, the GF2 has a hotshoe, the GF3 does not. Since I do not use external flash with this camera, it made no difference for me, but it might well for you.....

With all the Panasonic cameras I've owned, I've never mounted a hot-shoe flash. The times I use flash are on umbrellas which can be fired with either wireless triggers or I suppose you could slave a flash and fire it from the hot-shoe flash, but I haven't tried this so I don't know if it works.

I'd say IQ is better, but many prefer some of the manual controls of the GF2, and certainly of the GF1 to the more touch-screen oriented GF3. One thing I much prefer is on the GF3 with manual lenses (I have a Nikon 50 1.4 AI that works beautifully on all the Panasonic cameras) to zoom in to focus, instead of clicking the command dial in as on the GF2, on the GF3 you just touch where you want to focus and the LCD becomes magnified. This is extremely fast, and I like the implementation better.

I'd say you can't go wrong with either camera, and whichever one you can get a better price on. Both cameras seem to be about the same price now. A few months ago you could get much lower prices on the GF2, but I guess stock is getting low, so they are about the same price, about $399 with 14 2.5 pancake. Good luck.

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