Weird comparesment, Canon EOS 1DS Vs Cropped sensor (7d,60d etc)

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The 1Ds after 8 years of ownership

I've had my 1Ds since 2003. I have compared it to the II and the III, and the D3, D700 and D800. I wouldn't spend a dime to trade it for any of those cameras, because the 1Ds still creates fantastic 13" x 19" full-bleed prints. It has that much-heralded photographic look. Tones and colors just look right. The Bayer array colors aren't optimised for light passage, they are optimised for accurate colors. The AF is fantastic for BIFs (where the B is flying directly toward or away from me, not the easy-to-lock side-to-side that so many show), high-speed motorsports, and landscapes.

It is heavy. If you're not a wimp, it's not an issue. And that mass helps steady long shots. I get 75% keepers from my 400 5.6 with 1.4x TC at 1/200s. Battery life is fine - if you charge it up, then use it right away. I shot 500+ images on a cold, windy race day, with the camera on for 7+ hours. Of course, original batteries are now way past their lifetime. Buy a few third-party for 1/3 the cost of Canon, or spend the money for batteries that don't self-discharge as fast, and have a longer lifespan (years, not shots).

The camera will not shoot at 25,000 ISO. It will produce just fine 800 ISO all day - if you understand the design of the camera. Exposure values are dim, underexposed compared to modern cameras. There's a ton of highlight headroom, and that can easily lead to a ton of boosted-shadow noise. Set EV to +2/3 EV, and use center-weighted exposure, and noise will be fine-grained and near-monochromatic. Of course, 8-year-newer RAW software also helps in this regard.

Those monster pixels are a full 8.8 microns across. That's nearly as big as the whole sensor in the new 500x zoom-lense P&S's now for sale The AA filter is weak, so you can get dangerously-sharp single-pixel details. Learn how to process RAWs, and you will be wiping nose-prints off your Super-B sized prints.

For the 1 or two of you who actually care about photography, and not equipement bragging, the 1Ds is a fantastic camera.

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