What’s the best email client for Mac?

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Re: What’s the best email client for Mac?

tjack wrote:

As a personal aside, the cult surrounding Eudora is really unfounded. I remember using Eudora back in the Middle Ages when you had to pay good money for it. Really now, there is nothing about Eudora to make one wax poetic. More false nostalgia than reality.

Well, there actually were a lot of things to wax poetic about Eudora; sorry that you didn't discover them. It's amazing that Eudora continued to function well for me for six years after development ceased. If I hadn't upgraded to an MBP running Lion I would still be using Eudora.

Current e-mail software doesn't come close to Eudora in terms of control and customization. Eudora is particularly useful when juggling multiple accounts and a large number of messages on a daily basis. It's really geared toward so-called "power users." Many people do not fall into that category.

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